Poem by Colleen O’Dwyer

I Love You Ambergris

Ambergris, your playful spirit flirts with me like a lover in every way.
Promise, like your flowers, blooms here everyday.
Thousands of years of culture whisper to me on your breeze.
Your lapping blue-green waters wash my fears away with ease.
The perfume of possibility like spice upon your air.
Along your snow white beaches, I walk without a care.
The laughter of your children and the smile in your eyes.
Pink and orange sunset pull me into your starry nighttime skies.
Set my heart free, aloft to dream and play.
Your funky meld of music mix bids me to dance in your sexy palm frond sway.
Electric love and silver night.
Sunrise comes with golden light.
I love you Ambergris.
Good Morning and Good Night!

Colleen O’Dwyer

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