Saturday, July 20, 2024

Dr. Love

Doctor Love: Divorce

A divorce often isn't as final as one thinks, especially when there are children involved. Then what happens when one parent moves on?

Doctor Love: The effect of quarantine on marriage

Spending a lot of time together during quarantine is having unexpected effects on family and marriage, as one couple is discovering for themselves.

Doctor Love: Ready for Love and Life

Being in love and deciding to build a future together takes commitment. From both parties. What happens if one seems a little hesitant?

Doctor Love: Emotional Support or Peace

At what point does one stop offering a shoulder to cry on and focus on inner peace? A tale of 2 different mourners, and the struggle of one.

Doctor Love: Doing the right thing

Sometimes doing the right thing will raise eyebrows, but if the end result is giving an opportunity to someone who may not otherwise get one in life, it is worth it.

Doctor Love: My Time

"You are finding yourself in the same situation that many middle-aged couples are now facing—an elder parent who needs care."

Doctor Love: Not Aging Gracefully

"Your body is yours to live with and to modify should you wish, as long as there isn’t a health risk and you choose a surgeon carefully. The decision you make will directly affect your future, so which one can you live without—him or the face and body you desire? Will you be satisfied to let him dictate to you how to grow older or will you grow to resent him as you advance in age?"

Doctor Love: Out Cold

"As tough as this may be to accept, she doesn’t seem that into you. Whether it’s regret, disenchantment or she has moved along, if she wanted you, she’d be texting or bumping into you all over town. She sounds pretty popular, so shyness isn’t likely to be a factor for her sudden lack of communication."

Doctor Love: Desperate

"Physical and emotional betrayal, disrespectful behavior and repeating harmful patterns all break down the trust that married couples need. Lies and shifting blame cause self-doubt and damage self esteem and confidence, creating a wall that is difficult to break down."

Doctor Love: Sister in Law

"If the divorce is nasty, your sister may not be very amused if the two of you get together. Are you prepared for the battles ahead should you partner with your bother-in-law and your sister becomes your adversary? How will family gatherings be approached?"

Doctor Love: A Guy

"You ask the age-old question of whether or not girls/women are as capable as men are at having casual sex. Do women form attachments easier than guys and can they separate the part of themselves that equates sex with emotional love? There isn’t really a standard answer, except to say, probably not, with some exceptions."